Frederick Fair Incident – Be Vigilant

This incident occurred Friday night @ the Frederick Fair – The Good guys won this incident and it appears they will prevail – – –


What needs to be communicated here is:  We all need to be vigilant and do what we can when possible; become the changes we seek for others, so in our own time of need, others may act as we have shown them by own example – – –  Be prepared, be ready, and take action when needed. – For we know not the the day nor the hour.  The Greater Good is conceived and survives from the light of truth, and evil at any level starts and is proliferated within any lie or untruth not being confronted when prudence dictates the need; or others are aware, and choose to ignore the reality they witness.  Sooner or later reality rules us all no matter what we choose.  We all need to protect our community; as Charity does begin at home within our own Free Will Souls.

Greetings All,
The last week I was attempting to take a rest and recuperate from dehydration and a hospital visit, so I stayed in most all week to rest and gain strength during the 90 degree days . . .

Friday night, I took camera in hand and thought I would relax – spend a few hours of personal happiness and contemplation at the Fredrick Fair . . . me and my friend the camera . . .

Just as the Sun was setting – I heard the sound of human Flesh making sounds that were not good . . .  I turned around only to realize I was witnessing human mayhem – and a photo moment in time –  Instinctively I started shooting @ frames per second . . .

It turns out the incident that preceded the human knock down assault was a robbery –
Thanks to the Grace of God: quick thinking, training and action – – – the trusty NIKON was able to memorialize the event of the crime.

I got involved to help – – – hours later with helping the police and the evidence to show them – The perpetrators were identified, and I was told warrants were being issued – All because of the immutable instant photo evidence – The Police said that without the photos this would probably be just another paperwork report with no legal justice being resolved.
The CF Card memory card with the photos was relinquished to Law Enforcement because of Chain of Custody requirements so I may go back to the Fair tonight . . . to re take the pictures . . . 🙂

and for some peace – I am going to a spiritual place today – a Basilica in Emmitsburg – hopefully no  crime there –

These are the photos from the other camera with a telephoto lens – and after the incident –

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Famous Quotes Widgets

Famous Quotes Widgets.

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The Revelation & Responsibility of Witnessing

The Revelation
Responsibility of Witnessing

So What?  –  Where are we now – ?
Individually and the ‘Collective Souls?’
Independently and Interdependently?

How have I failed or better said: How could I / We do better?

For millennia man has been torched by: the realities of the past, the possibilities for the future, and the potential for present harmony vs. sins of the immediate Free Will decisions.

Is it our soul responsibility to:
Seek balance within the authoritarian reality of perceived truth and ethical responsibility and possibility within personal Free Will vs. the truth and reality of man made power within money – greed and man made rules?

The Revelation of Witnessing is just one aspect of divine responsibility,
vs. the balance of serving the Greater Good – as a thought without action is the void that tempts the souls to the dark side.

I have come to understand the conundrum to serve the Greater Good is always combination of timing and the personal courage of decision:
A calling is the leadership action required predicated upon current perceived reality, and what can realistically be achieved at the time –  And the wisdom to know the difference . . .

The questions and answers are:

  1. What can be realistically be achieved?
  2. By whom?
  3. When? And
  4. What ought to be done and or allowed within silent passive observance within the Faith of Truth?
  5. To become by example the changes you seek will give the world Hope for all to witness . . .

I am / We are: hunted and haunted by a legal system that acts admittedly based upon the predications of admitted frauds and confiscatory liars – Men and their temptations of greed and power as judged . . . The hope is that there are some within that serve the Greater Good within that system – I believe that while the foundations are laudable, and often fail – there are no accidents and all that is, will eventually be judged for the purest truth that exists, for truth protects those who protect virtue.

Fear and ignorance has not killed us yet – however many times
has admittedly overwhelmed or clouded our decision making process . . .
Every day is a new set of decisions – The Faith of opportunities and revelations.
I have learned that when in doubt do nothing until reasonable assurance is prudently possible . . . to serve the Greater Good – even within the Faith of ignorance.  We all wash our Faith in dirty water, to cleanse our souls, within every thought, word and deed.

The question is:  How long does one have to wait, and to what end to serve and understand the Greater God and Good?  I know patience is a virtue; however to what extent may we work towards happiness within the realities of man while concurrently attempting to understand our purpose here in earth?

Until then I pray more for discernment.
The courage of conviction will save our/your Soul
for if it is meant to be as decided . . .

What do you decide? –
and more importantly act within the Spirit of Courage?

The human spirit is stronger
than anything that can happen to it.
George C. Scott.

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The Fidelity to Truth

The Fidelity to Truth
The Human Sumptuous Free Will Soul

Virgo Potens

Photo Gallery

Could it be the Real Crusade in Life
Is the attempt for peace and resolution for Truth that
Is the Bridge that Transverses the Souls of Truth
the Temptations of:
The Mind – Body & Heart
within  &

The Spirit of the Soul
Man’s attempt to Control within fear?
~ ~ ~

Pray within Child like Innocence
Within the Divine Mercy of
Kindness – Mercy
Prudent Forgiveness

All the while
Being represented by
The Best Lawyers money can purchase
to protect the innocent from the temptations
and attempts of evil or adverting Sin.

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Destiny vs. Personal Decisions

Destiny vs. Personal Decisions
Is there a difference?
September 9, 2010 AD

Does destiny ever happen unless you choose to reveal and make it so?
Could it be that the life talents of possibility is destiny, and the rest are details of decision?
If God’s conceived plan is infinitely perfect within the opportunity of Free Will,
Could it be, our mutual Manifest Destiny is humble servitude to the reality of truth?
How is the destiny Spirit of your Soul within your Heart Mind and Body as you decide?

There is a force stronger than nature that keeps us alive. – Do you believe in that possibility?
Self esteem could be the root DNA for the Soul – From the Self; manifests to the many.
Faith – Hope – Charity – The Cardinal Virtues of Absolute Truth –
The greatest being the Love of the Light of Truth . . .
Often the Love manifested within Kindness and Mercy is misunderstood for weakness.
Could it be the Soul is ruled by immutable infinite ignorance and the Bridge of Faith & Trust?

Could it be: The gravity that keeps us grounded is that the energy Spirit of every Soul
plays a role in our ‘Mutual Reality’ of possibility within our own relevance?
Within every decision, every moment something dies in order for another possibility to live.
The former possibility then lives within a Free Will decision, and our mutual
Destiny mutates independently and interdependently as destiny evolves . . . as is and will be.

The Amazing Grace of reality is that the meek shall inherit Mother Earth: within
Every thought, word and deed, and act emanating from the decisions of Loving forgiveness.
The root decision of all possibility is the mandated Faith to Believe within ignorance.
Every decision of habit that is good is a Virtue
Every decision of habit that is not good is a Vice

If we are what we eat: The Alpha and Omega of reality –
“Could the Spirit of our destiny be judged how we eat, think, decide and act?”

21 Who knows?  Not I.


  1. What and Who are the Rules and Rulers of Record?
  2. Who and What is in authority?
  3. Who Guards the Guards?
  4. Who Protects the Guards? And – – –
  5. Who Protects the Protectors?
  6. So many questions, so little time within our absolute infinite ignorance . . .
  7. The Golden Rule Rules Reality of Perception and Decision:
  8. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  9. As concurrently: “Those who have the Gold Rule.”
  10. Who protects you?
  11. Whom do you protect?
  12. Even if you do not answer, you already have rendered a decision. . . .  ipso facto
  13. No active decision – Is a decision by deFault – and Faults are our Nature within Human Nature.

    Inspired by: Norman B. – Jerry R. – Joel T. – Mike C. – Steve. S. –
    Blaine P. – Paul G. – Daniel M. – Mr. Levin
    & Sisters,  Betty Ann, Jean and Mary Frances – Daughters of Charity
    Bob Briner author of Roaring Lambs – within the Creator of Truth

– – – friends and fellow specks of dust. com – – –
There is a Star on the Horizon
Shooting Stars Break the Mold


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Balance of Perceptions of Logic vs. The Spirit of Faith

 We need to maintain Spirituality and reveal talents,
perceptions and business acumen through others
so we may maintain objective Spirituality.


Amazing is what man can accomplish when the main objectives are
mutual accomplishments, and not taking individual credit;
as results will be judged by God vs. the talents given every Soul.

“Become the changes you seek and thus you may give both
Witness and Example to change the World as is destined to be.
The best Teachers are Students, just as the Supreme Leaders are
followers of the Trust and Truth of fellowship for the Greater Good & destiny of man.”

September 8, 2010
Prayer from a tortured Faith Filled Soul –

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Bridges: Home for the Soul

~ The Bridges of  The Spirit of ~
~ Body ~ Mind ~ Heart ~ & ~ Soul ~
Home for the Soul
Life on Mother Earth

of man made laws & realities         


September 8, 2010
Birthday of the Blessed Mother

The basic needs and responsibility of man mandate –
We all need prudent trusted people to be with, and
Places to go; knowing that both being – and
Being within, is a sense of both merciful purpose, and
A safe nurturing place of home for the innocent Soul(s).

Just as the innocent Souls grow and become aware:
Students become teachers, –  Followers become Leaders,
Children of God become
Mothers and Fathers
Every moment within time is a bridge to living acts of
No matter what
control is attempted within the frailty or Evil of man.

 The Amazing Grace, or perceived insanity of Truth is that Hope exists
within the Reality and Revelation that: “Truth Rules eventually . . .”

September 8, 2010           

editors notes:
Send in the clowns: Laugh and The World Laughs with you, or at you –
Cry within resolution of ignorance – and you usually cry alone –  

“forgive them for they know not what they do”
“Jesus wept.”


My Hope for my own Soul: Is that the ‘Invisible Love’
of the Creator will Rescue me from myself;
and forgive me for my own sins, as I feebly attempt
to forgive the trespasses of others upon me.
Virgo Potens    


~ A Journey of Thought and Labour ~
Human Nature Endeavors of
HopeFaithful Charity
Acts of Love.

Editors Alpha Note:
inspired collective thoughts
within my life by those who caused suffering –
Thus the opportunity within
Hope for Wisdom and Focus.
May you too be inspired to find some peace and comfort here
A Perspective
Faith Journey of the
‘–Thought for
Hope and The Love of Charity –’
Please take what you want or need and leave the rest
For the purpose herein is to inspire and confront for
the resolution to serve the
Greater Good
within the arms of our many Guardian Angels
may we find peace and live it for others to witness.    

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